About Us

Rolle Consultancy & Management Ltd was established in March 1989, with the prime objective of providing property management and consultancy services to investment companies, private investors, institutions, Government Departments, State Owned Enterprises, and quasi Government Authorities on their commercial property holdings.  We know that commercial properties vary considerably in their size, complexity and requirements and we are able to tailor a management package to suit your specific requirements.

We have established valuable contacts with building suppliers, tradesmen and property professionals.  There are two full time working Directors thus ensuring that Rolle operates with a hands-on approach and is able to respond promptly to any challenging situation should one arise.

In 2020 the two original directors, Alex Robertson and Gay O’Sullivan, handed the leadership over to Melissa McGhie and Lisa Duggan. Melissa and Lisa have both been with Rolle for over ten years.

With over 30 years in the industry we have proved ourselves to be reliable, comprehensive property managers, building relationships with owners, tenants and contractors.

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